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Eitr free download

LAST UPDATE: 21.04.2024

Eitr download crack free

About Eitr Crack

Eitr Crack is developed by Eneme Entertainment and distributed by return Digital for PC and PlayStation 4, is an isometric view and retro-style action RPG in which we will have to delve into dark dungeons infested with dangerous creatures.
Dubbed by many as the Dark Souls of retro style, finally have been enjoying first-hand the promising action adventure role-playing EITR, which is as difficult as it seems and much more fun and exciting than you could imagine. With an artistic finish of enormous quality and lots action, are facing one of the big surprises of the moment.
We try again and again. We try to defeat him by all means. Using sword and shield, axe and sword imbued into electricity… and not with those managed to end the life of that scary skeleton that us martyred during our brief but intense session of game with EITR. It was a great encounter, those that your body asks you for more and more. But oh cruel destiny!, will have to wait until at least 2016 to enjoy in terms of this promising action adventure role-playing that many have described as a Dark Souls retro, but that its creators, an independent study made up of only two employees – as read it! – prefer to compare with the mythical devil.
In both cases the definition is accurate, because of the work of the great Hidetaka Miyazaki takes the best of his bouts with a few encounters that, either against simple minions or dangerous bosses, can always be our downfall. On the other hand, of the Blizzard classic dangers and precious treasures we both love stays with these dark and intricate plagued dungeons. All this, moreover, seasoned by a graphic style, pixel art, surprising the design of his monsters and it worked of his animations. Too many positive points as not to closely follow this work, exclusive time of PC and PlayStation 4, which could well become one of the big surprises of the past years. We tell you why.
Set in the world of Norse mythology, the work of Eneme Entertainment will put you in the skin of a shieldmaiden or maiden shield that it should that deal against the Almighty Loki and his hellish hosts, that have plagued the world plunging into darkness at the great tree Yggdrasil, which only regain its glory after ending the evil that lurks in the nine worlds of Norse. The perfect excuse to bring us the hand through a variety of locations in which the slightest error, and not we’ll bluff, it will put an end to our lives. As is the case with the great Dark Souls. Eitr Download Free link can be found right below!

Eitr download free

EITR Crack is presented as a dangerous deadly dance that will require of us that we agudicemos the senses to block enemy attacks at the right time, but better to Dodge his rush with a movement of evasion which should be master master to survive the toughest fighting. We can also strike with the shield, or kick, to break the blockade of some enemies of truth going us to put very difficult. To beat them, we can resort to various combinations of weapons ranging from the traditional shield and sword, a pair of swords, axes, cudgels and even bow.
EITR there no character classes or anything like that. Our way of play shall be based exclusively on the type of weapons they use, and improvements that we apply to our Warrior, who can learn certain spells to strengthen his defense, for example making the shield to freeze enemies If we block at the right time; or improve their attack imbuing weapons of magic such as electricity or fire power. Options, we said those responsible, will be quite spacious, as in the dungeons we find succulent treasures that expand our layette always randomly.
And here is where it shows above all that essence devil that both extol the Eneme Entertainment guys. The intricate design of the Dungeon that we moved, with so many and so many enemies that fold, in addition to the inventory of our heroine, are elements that unequivocally reminiscent of the classic Blizzard; Although in this case, as I said, the combat system advocates a more typical of other style of play fights. In terms of the locations that we will move, in principle these are not generated randomly, betting on a tier structure more elaborate with lots of traps and enemies hidden in the most remote places. And what about the bosses.
At the session of game we measure a fearsome giant skeleton he could not defeat in the two adventures we had, even though in the second stake use a special weapon that offered us an ally after insistently ask for help – was somewhat comical because, in truth, you have to be very heavy so pay it that weapon. Learn how well their routines from attack, not fail at the elusive, attack at the right moment… After this duel, we assure you that we’re afraid to know what more dangers await us in the world of EITR. And no wonder, because this opponent attacked with punches melee, using deception, feints to surprise you in the rear; I used massive attacks of area, and even had time to summon minions to make it even more difficult to combat.
EITR Download is a spectacular game. Yes, retro-style; but with an artistic design that already for many other titles. The variety of enemies, the force that follows the design of the bosses, or own sites which we lose denote a huge creative talent by the guys at Eneme Entertainment that we insist, are just two people. What is praiseworthy bearing in mind as well that luce and well it works this video game that will be available from 2016. The wait will be long, but surely it is worth.


Eitr Download Guide

1- Click the “Download Eitr” button below.

2- Open the File “Eitr Downloader” and install it.

3- Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.

4- Done.

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File Name : Eitr
File Size : 3GB(Game)
Platform:   PC
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LAST UPDATE: 21.04.2024

Eitr free download

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