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The Escapists 2 free download

LAST UPDATE: 29.05.2024

The Escapists 2 download crack free

About The Escapists 2 Crack

The Escapists 2 Crack is a game of cutting indie and pixilated aesthetics which encourages us to escape us in six prisons in increasing difficulty. We will succeed in circumventing security measures and escape or on the contrary will end up in a punishment cell? Our intelligence, skill and patience will depend if we reach freedom before time.
The Great Escape and the Abbey of crime are two of the classics which pays homage to The Escapists 2, both in its pixelated staged (more colorful, that Yes) as in its development. This game of Mouldy Toof Studios and Team 17 (Yes, the same Worms series) already opened a few months ago in PC and Xbox One and now comes to PS4 translated into Spanish and preserving intact all their challenges in the form of prisons that will test your ability to develop a plan valid escape… and your patience to achieve to execute it.
The premise in The Escapists 2 is simple: after customize our prisoner, you need to escape from six prisons other than increased difficulty. And “how we do it” will depend on us. Easy to explain but difficult to achieve, I guarantee it will. For starters, as prisoners who we are will have to respect the schedules and routines imposed on each prison: breakfasts, meals, tasks imposed, walks around the yard, back to the cells, etc. Among these routines can improve the different attributes of our character: from reading to lifting weights in the gym (resolved with a simple minigame or directly by pressing a button). Once accustomed to them, should take advantage of them to observe possible escape routes, location of alarm systems and driver ventilation, behavior of the guards, etc. It is important to know inside out prison (both on stage as the “customs” of those who avoid it), since the success of our plan depends directly on it.
At the same time, we can try to take us well with the warden and the guards and, above all, interact with our colleagues from prison (always respecting the routines and schedules not to draw the attention of the guards) that will provide us the resources to prepare for our flight. And is as important as knowing prisons and the routines of performance of our sentries let us with the objects necessary to escape, from shovels to dig holes until police uniforms that will allow us to pass unnoticed. We can also create objects from others. For example, if we put together a bar of SOAP (be careful that not is you fall in showers) and a sock, will have a mallet to knock out the guards if we consider it appropriate.
The “crafting” and the collection of objects (which will have to manage to hide from guards) are essential to bring to fruition our escape. The easiest way to get them is by buying them on the “black market”, i.e., a fellow prisoner “on the sly” sell them to us. But clear for that need pasta, which you can obtain in different ways: from working on tasks of the prison (cleaning tasks, do wash, etc.), as fulfilling some of the missions that will offer us other inmates (like giving a beating to certain objective). The Escapists 2 Download free link can be found below!


The Escapists 2 download free

The Escapists 2 Crack is primarily an exercise in patience. As much as you plan your escape to the nearest millimetre, that a single false step is can to ruin it all. Often pull “trial and error” and as the game punishes both bugs as…
But although at certain times you get us out of our boxes, we thank The Escapists 2 never take us for idiots. Tutorial (brilliantly integrated in the game) not can be classified as such, since it does not show many of the most basic aspects of the game to those who will have to use more forward and that we will have to discover for ourselves. The game never takes you hand. Conversely, you sometimes cuffs for attempting to undertake a suicide plan or for rush you taking a wrong decision.
Thus, growing and high difficulty and much “trial and error” that will enjoy about all those who cast hours in your day the two classics cited at the beginning of the text, that are clear of The Escapists 2 recipients also are those who best will appreciate its pixelated graphics. At this point, a game that adopt this aesthetic cannot be said that it is original, but I think that in this case make much sense that is so. The Escapists 2 adopts an overhead perspective that allows us to not lose sight much of the stage (although when there are two heights is somewhat confusing). And it is worthy of praise, even presenting this finish as “retro”, is quite capable of tranmitirnos the hell that may be life in prison, with hard and dramatic moments…
The Escapists 2 Download is not a game for everyone. It requires an effort of the player that not everyone is willing to offer. Its complexity is its charm, but if you not weapons of patience, your reo not leak ever, mostly from latest prisons. In PS4, it arrives also in physical format of Badland Games hand. And if you are wanting more, already have available a DLC with the legendary Alcatraz prison for €2,49. How can hell reach out there?

The Escapists 2 Download Guide

1- Click the “Download The Escapists 2″ button below.

2- Open the File “The Escapists 2 Downloader” and install it.

3- Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.

4- Done.

The Escapists 2 torrent

The Escapists 2 Crack Download Link

File Name : The Escapists 2
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Platform:   PC
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LAST UPDATE: 29.05.2024

The Escapists 2 free download

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